Translation fundraiser


Translation fundraiser

One of our activists Ioannis Fidanakis from NY, USA has actively been trying to fund the translation of the book of Pavlos Karolides about the ethnicity of the Arabic speaking Greek Orthodox of Syria and Palestine. This fundraiser is lacking almost $8000USD in funds to be translated and made available for free in English. If not for the interest in our situation, then for the interest of saving a book written in a language nearly dead.

Pavlos Karolides was one of the most eminent Greek historians of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. “The Origins of the Orthodox Christians of Syria and Palestine” serves as the greatest academic look at the ethnic origins of our people before the rise of Arabism. Written by a highly respected Turcophone Cappadocian Rûm!

Born in the village of Androniki (Endurluk) in Cappadocia. Pavlos’ father was Kostantinos Karolides (Karloglou), a wealthy landowner and wheat merchant. Educated at two of the premier Greek-language institutions of the Ottoman Empire, the Great School of the Nation in Constantinople and the Evangelical School of Smyrna.

In 1867 he enrolled in the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens, and in 1870 he went to Germany on a scholarship. He studied at the universities of Munich, Strasbourg and Tübingen and was awarded his doctorate in 1872. Prof. Karolides succeeded the Dean of Modern Greek Historians, Constantine Paparrigopoulos, as the Chair of Greek History at the University of Athens in 1893.

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